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Don’t like the idea of a 9 to 5 job and want something more flexible?
Do you want to look beyond Work-Life balance and put your life first?
Want to learn business-friendly & time-efficient research?
Want to have your analysis and views featured in the media?
Want the chance to interact with the top CEOs in Sri Lanka without jumping through hoops of hierarchy?

If you have been asking yourself these questions, then we are interested in you!

We look for lateral thinkers who can work independently on research projects that offer our clients a different approach to assessing opportunities and risks.

We are interested in people who like asking questions like the ones above.

What is Frontier

We currently have longer term internship opportunities for students interested in Economic/Equity Research and Information Curation. This is however not a typical one to three month short internship but for much longer, and should be seen as the start of a longer term relationship with Frontier.

Our jobs are not 9 to 5 and our working arrangements are flexible.

Communication is a big aspect of the job, so excellent people skills will be a major advantage. Previous experience is not critical, but academic credentials in your area of specialization must be stellar. If not, show us how brilliant and street smart you are! Some experience in media, social media etc. would be an added advantage.

Join our technology team and help us build software systems to streamline and automate our internal processes and enhance how clients receive and experience our products.

What are we working on? We’re building the best news app for CEOs and top management in Sri Lanka (we hope 🤞), as well as websites and apps to manage our clients subscriptions.

We’ve got a few other projects on the pipeline (like data portals) and we need you to get them all going! Interested? Sign up below!

Over the years, Frontier has used Human intuition and experience to deliver the best forecasts on Sri Lankan markets. Now, we want to develop AI systems that can disrupt our current techniques and practices; delivering the best forecasts on markets using Machine Learning.

Once this AI meets our expectations, it will be seen and used by the top corporates and individuals in the country.

We’re just getting started and there’s a long road ahead, but we’re excited to be venturing out into such new and exciting fields!

If research is not what you’re looking for, but you are an information addict, then we might be the place for you!

You can choose to be part of our news curation team that is involved in delivering Frontier’s flagship “Time Twister” product; a daily curated newsletter covering local news. We also have a daily global news product, as well as sector specific newsletters.

If you looking for work that can be done on a fully remote basis and are available for a few hours of work either early morning or at other times, this might be the ideal role for you.

If research is not what you’re looking for, we got you covered!

You can choose to join our Business Development team, where you can be a part of our internal processes; such as pricing and proposals for clients, analyzing client trends and patterns, as well as promoting our existing and new services to a wider audience to drive growth.

All our positions are very flexible and while some do choose to work mostly at the office, anyone in the team has the option to work from home most of the time (as our founder and CEO does). On average, the requirement to come to work is only about twice a week, for about 3-4 hours each day.

But beyond that we also have and are looking for applications from candidates interested in fully remote working opportunities with flexible hours, where the need to come into the office might be just once or twice a year!

All the requirements mentioned in the above sections apply here as well, but being able to effectively communicate in writing is a critical part of the job, so excellent people skills through written communication is critical.

The recruitment process is as intense for these positions as it is for our regular internships, but most of the tests can be done remotely (without needing to come to the office). However, you would probably need to come into office for about two interviews before completion of the recruitment process.

We also welcome inquiries at anytime from anyone who believes that our culture and work matches their career goals. We may be able to create an opportunity for you now or, following an initial assessment, at a later point; putting your details on file until an opportunity opens up.

We are very selective about whom we hire and so our recruitment process is very intense. Applicants including those for internship position should expect to make a commitment to face around three tests of three to four hours each, and at least three interviews.

If any of that sounds like what you’re looking for, please fill the form below