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How to Decide Which Tasks to Delegate

Wondering how to decide which tasks to delegate to your team? Conduct an audit using the six T’s!


  • Tiny:Tasks that are so small they seem inconsequential to tackle and take you out of the flow of more strategic work.
  • Tedious:Tasks that are relatively simple probably are not the best use of your time.
  • Time-Consuming:Tasks that are time-consuming and do not require you to do the initial 80% of research.
  • Teachable: Tasks that can be translated into a system and passed along, with a final check
  • Terrible At:Tasks that do not fall into your strengths.
  • Time Sensitive:Tasks that are time-sensitive but compete with other priorities.

Over the course of the next two weeks, make a note of tasks that fall under the 6 T’s above. Then watch as your mind magically start creating solutions for next steps from that new vantage point of space and self-awareness.


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