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Sri Lanka’s next stock rally could be driven on oil hopes: analyst

Sri Lanka's next stock rally could be driven by the discovery of a commercially viable deposit of oil, which will renew interest in the country, an analyst who correctly called the end of the last stock bubble has said. Amal Sanderatne, head of Frontier Research, a consultancy...

Economy: heading for a bubble?

The turbo-charged performance of the stock market and the euphoria over the numbers that reflect a remarkable revival of the economy and the corporate sector tend to hide the ugly reality that the majority of the people in the country are not enjoying the fruits of the market...

Lankan companies optimistic about future

Companies are expecting strong growth and increased opportunities from the peace dividend in the coming year, according to a survey conducted by MTI Consulting of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). At a Corporate Finance Forum this week, MTI Chief Executive Officer Hilmy Cader...