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ounded and headed by economist and entrepreneur, Amal Sanderatne, our team comprises of diverse young individuals with a knack for the industry and a thirst for knowledge.

Amal is an alumni of the London School of Economics, and is a CFA® charterholder. He previously worked at Jardine Fleming HNB Securities Sri Lanka as Head of Research. Following the takeover of Jardine Fleming by JP Morgan Chase he was transferred to Singapore where he led JP Morgan’s Asia Pacific ADR research and also managed the research of Hong Kong based Access Products Group.
Amal founded Frontier Research in 2001 with a vision of creating a firm that does great work whilst offering a choice driven culture to its employees.

Travis manages Frontier’s Sector Research team which is primarily responsible for developing and delivering Equity strategy and sector specific products for institutions and high net worth individuals. Previously he was a part of Frontier’s new startup venture “Frontier i” and was instrumental in creating and implementing Time Twister; Frontier’s flagship daily newsletter specializing in Economic and Finance news in Sri Lanka.
Travis reads historical fiction, high fantasy, graphic novels and listens to classical music by artists with names like Dvorak and Verdi. He is passionate about Greek, Roman and medieval history and hopes to visit Rome to “taste its sumptuous architecture”.

Thanuri leads the business development work at Frontier, including financial planning and budgeting. She graduated with a BBA(Hons.) Finance degree. She is currently a CFA Level II candidate as well as a CIMA Passed Finalist. She was also a member of the Rotaract Club of the University of Colombo’s Faculty of Management and Finance and the Captain of the University’s Tennis Team in 2013.
She likes to relax with a good book on the beach or even just at home and prefers to end the day by spending time with her family. She’s also passionate about travel, preferring to go to “any place adventurous”, especially Jungle Safari’s!

At Frontier, Trisha is primary involved in economic research and the overall coordination of much of Frontier’s regular economic reports. Trisha graduated with First class honours in Economics and Finance from the University of London International Programmes, having conducted her studies at the Royal Institute of Colombo, and is a CIMA passed finalist.
She is heavily involved in social work through her Rotaract Club. She likes acoustic and indie music and would probably have been a musician if she hadn’t got into finance and econ. She now spends much of her free time practicing calligraphy.

Nimesha currently leads the development of Frontier’s curated information products, while supporting the equity and sector research team. Having joined Frontier as an intern in early 2014, she spent 2 years at MAS Active, before joining Frontier once again in 2016. She graduated with First Class Honours in a BSc. Finance (Sp.) degree from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, is a charter member of the University and a CIMA Passed Finalist.
She prefers to spend her free time simply hanging out with friends or family. She also likes to travel and would love to see New Zealand one day.

Umar currently leads Frontier’s software development effort, mainly dedicated to streamlining internal processes and leveraging technology in the workplace. He graduated with a Second class in Economics and Finance from the University of London International Programmes, having conducted his studies at the Royal Institute of Colombo.
He likes nothing better than to sit down with a good movie or book after a day of work. He is passionate about technology, claiming to ‘live and breathe the stuff’. He’s into sports as well, just don’t ‘expect him to win’!

Nirukthi is primarily involved in Frontier’s Economics team, providing support on reports. She also dabbles in some information curation as well. She is a CIMA passed finalist who is currently interning at Frontier while reading for the BBA degree – specializing in Business Economics. She is a former vice president at AIESEC in University of Colombo.
With a passion for knowledge, Nirukthi loves learning about the history and culture of other nations – which is probably what fueled her interests in Korean pop culture. She also takes pleasure in the simple things, choosing to relax with some good old-fashioned sleep.

Thilina is a member of the Economics Team who works on global markets, local politics and wider macroeconomic research. He is a First Class Honours graduate in International Relations from the University of London International Programmes and an alumnus of the Royal Institute of Colombo. Previously he has served as a Youth Delegate representing Sri Lanka at the 70th UN General Assembly.
He chooses to wind down with a walk or a jog, while listening to classical music, or just reading a book in a comfy place. His ideal vacation happens at any place of historical significance, where he can “get lost” in the history and take endless photos.

Viroshan leads the non-daily curation products and was instrumental in developing certain products under the “Spotlight” series. He is also responsible for the quarterly “Hospital Insights” updates and is involved in various other equity products. He has a graduate diploma in Civil Engineering from the Engineering Council UK and is a CIMA Passed Finalist. He worked as a lecturer in Engineering at Aquinas University for 5 years while also working at Frontier
A self-professed sports fanatic and a professional musician, he usually ends his day by playing the guitar and singing with his band at various venues.

Eranga worked as a team lead for Frontier’s flagship newsletter, Time Twister, and is currently involved in Equity and Sector Research. He graduated with a BSc. Finance(Sp.) degree from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, completed the strategic level in Chartered Accountancy and is currently a Level II candidate of the CFA program. Prior to joining Frontier he worked as a Finance intern at the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka.
While being passionate about investing, he also loves to travel and prefers hiking in Sri Lanka’s hill country above all else. He normally surfs the internet for knowledge and news after work and ends the day with a movie or a few soft songs.

Saritha is currently a final year undergraduate in the BSc. Economics and Finance programme (University of London International Programmes) at The Royal Institute of Colombo. Before joining Frontier, he interned at The Nielsen Company (2015 & 2016), as well as the Association of Accounting Technicians (2014). His current work at Frontier mainly involves economic research. His interests are mainly in technology and finance.
Passionate about fitness, he is also a running enthusiast. His ideal travel destination is any place with good street food and free WiFi (that actually works).

Damitha is a 2nd year undergraduate in Economics and Management from the University of London International Programmes, conducted at the Royal Institute of Colombo. Prior to joining Frontier he worked as a Business analyst at the London Stock Exchange Group (Millennium IT). His work at Frontier mainly revolves around information curation and business development.
He is passionate about FinTech, basketball and music (he really enjoys poker too). Damitha prefers to end his day with a good movie, a game of basketball or a trip to the gym. He’s always wanted to visit Brazil, but Africa “would be cool too”.