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Channel Eye Interview – Exploring Sri Lanka’s Health Trends

  Date – 13th June 2018 What are the current trends relating to fertility rates? Typically as health standards of a country improves, fertility levels tend to drop. This has indeed been Sri Lanka’s experience where the fertility rate was on a downward trend starting from the...

The Global Economy in June 2018

Global markets endured a significant downturn by end June, with Emerging and Asian stock markets tumbling to ten-month and nine-month lows respectively. Investors have retreated from risk assets following the escalating tit-for-tat trade war between the US and China, lifting...

LMD Interview – Recent challenges facing the Microfinance Sector

  Date – 20th June 2018 What are the reasons behind the growing interest in the microfinance sector? Amongst the private, for-profit segment, Finance Companies and informal lending by individuals (colloquially referred to as ‘Poli Mudalali’) are the main players in the...

LMD Interview – The effects/issues of the SL Fuel Pricing Formula

  Date – May 2018 How important is it to have a fuel pricing formula? Generally in Sri Lanka and many other developing countries, fuel prices are administered in a very ad hoc manner; largely in line with the political agendas of the leaders rather than in response to the...

LMD Interview – Tourism Sector Update (April 2018)

  Date – April 2018 How has the tourism industry been fairing up to now? There were some issues recently due to weather disruptions, the unrest in Kandy as well as the most recent incidents where tourists were assaulted in places such as Mirissa. Despite this, tourism...

The Global Economy in May 2018

Global markets in May experienced the continuation of the pressure being felt by emerging markets (EMs) as the US Dollar strengthened and US 10-year yields crossed the 3% mark, with the Federal Reserve certain to hike rates in June. Many emerging market currencies weakened...

LMD Interview – Tourism Sector Update (March 2018)

  Date – 15th March 2018 What is the tourist industry or Government doing to curb incidences such as Tuk-Tuk scams/ fake tour guides? Tourists are increasingly becoming more aware of it as, unlike in the past where you would depend on brochures provided by official tour...

The Global Economy in April 2018

Global markets in April were marked by a resurgent US Dollar, increasing crude oil prices, rising US Treasury yields and doubts over the sustainability of the synchronized global growth that underpinned market performances at the start of the year. Even as the US Federal Reserve...

The Global Economy in March 2018

Global markets in March were seen recovering somewhat from the volatility experienced in February. But the fears of a US-China trade war continued to affect markets through the month. President Trump went beyond his earlier tariffs on steel and aluminium, calling for tariffs on...

The Global Economy in February

Global market performance in February contrasted sharply with the performance in January due to the volatility in markets following the selloff in US equities which spread across to other markets globally. Markets have recovered to an extent from the selloff over the course of...