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The Global Economy in March 2018

Global markets in March were seen recovering somewhat from the volatility experienced in February. But the fears of a US-China trade war continued to affect markets through the month. President Trump went beyond his earlier tariffs on steel and aluminium, calling for tariffs on...

The Global Economy in February

Global market performance in February contrasted sharply with the performance in January due to the volatility in markets following the selloff in US equities which spread across to other markets globally. Markets have recovered to an extent from the selloff over the course of...

LMD Interview – Tourism Sector Update

  Speaker: Travis Gomez Date – Jan 2018 Video length – 4:01 mins How did the tourism sector fair in 2017? 2017 was a challenging year with the tourism arrivals target falling short of what was expected. This was partly due to weather related disruptions such as Dengue and...

Businesses need “cowboys” and “farmers” – here’s why

Jim Carroll once posed the question “Are you a farmer or a cowboy?”, noting: ‘I often think that art is divided between the farmer and the cowboy: the farmer is the guy who finds a piece of territory, stakes it up, digs it and cultivates it – grows the land. The...

Salient Features of the New Forex Act – Interview Transcript

  Speaker: Travis Gomez Date: 13th Jan 2018 Video length – 8:40 mins What is government’s intention with regard to the new Forex Act (0.36 -1.52) This represents a shift in the policy direction from one of restricting foreign exchange movement to one that is facilitating...

The Global Economy in January

Global markets started off 2018 on a positive note in January with global stock markets continuing to make gains and emerging market inflows continuing amidst major sovereign debt issuances earlier in the year. However, the month ended giving way to what has been a global equity...

I’ve failed a lot – Here’s why that’s OK.

A favorite question of mine at recruitment interviews and one we are always hoping to hear interesting answers to is “Tell us (if comfortable) about your biggest failings”. We don’t usually get good answers and this may be because, culturally we are not comfortable talking about...

Looking for creativity and innovation? Hire a Pirate!

“It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.” – Steve Jobs Steve jobs had a different way of looking at recruitment. He preferred the unconventional and creative nature of ‘pirates’ to the discipline of the Navy. So, why pirates? Well, according to this...

The Global Economy in December

December saw the US Federal Reserve carrying out its third rate hike for 2017, as expected, while increasing expectations for US economic growth and forecasting three further rate hikes for 2018. With US inflation remaining low, it appears that the Fed will continue down the...

Up-down-Up 3.0; Our team from the past, talking about the future

We just had our third instalment of Up-Down-Up! Now, we know what you’re thinking, “What’s an Up-Down-whatever?”. We’re glad you asked! Up-Down-Up is Frontier’s very own Forum. It’s a platform for us to share our views and engage with our clients. But what makes this year so...