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The Global Economy in October

October was marked by the implementation of a number of steps towards monetary policy normalization by major central banks and speculation on who President Trump would nominate as the Federal Reserve chairman. The month ended with markets pricing in the nomination of current Fed...

How to Decide Which Tasks to Delegate

Wondering how to decide which tasks to delegate to your team? Conduct an audit using the six T’s!   Tiny:Tasks that are so small they seem inconsequential to tackle and take you out of the flow of more strategic work. Tedious:Tasks that are relatively simple probably are not...

Banking Sector Performance – Interview transcripts

Topic: Performance of the Sri Lankan banking sector Speaker: Nimesha Jayakody – Senior Product Lead Video length – 11:47 mins 00:18: How have the interest being fluctuating over the past couple of months? From around 2013 interest rates in Sri Lanka were falling almost until the...

We Built Time Twister to Solve Your No Time Problem. Here’s How.

We are on a mission to solve your “No time” problem and here’s how Time Twister became one of the solutions!    We call it Time Twister because of its core purpose of saving time. But the name is also reflective of how we “twist” work hours, well away from the norm, to bring...

Regaining GSP+ In Sri Lanka – Interview transcripts

Topic: Sri Lanka Regaining GSP+ – opportunities for firms Speaker: Travis Gomez, CFA – Product Head Video length – 9:10 mins Starting point: 1:20:      How has the loss of GSP+ impacted local companies? Between 2010 to 2017, companies that were traditionally more...

The Global Economy in September

September marked a resurgence in the US Dollar, as reflected in the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, after a prolonged weakening during the year so far. This resurgence was helped by the increasing likelihood of a December rate hike by the US Federal Reserve, positive US economic...

The Global Economy in August

The highlight during the month of August was the growing tensions and uncertainty created by North Korea’s aggressive actions; threatening the US pacific territory of Guam, firing a missile over Japan and carrying out its sixth nuclear test – claimed to be a hydrogen bomb. Their...

The Global Economy in July

July began with a scare of a potential selloff  in emerging market (EM) assets. This was triggered by talk of developed market Central Banks starting to end the era of monetary easing. Alongside the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes and balance sheet unwinding, the...

Snapshot of the Economy – July 2017

At Frontier, we love trying out new ways to help our audience make sense of the economy. Here’s a quick look at how key economic indicators are performing so far in the year, with an easy-to-understand snapshot. For this update we have chosen the variables we consider to be most...

Tourism Insights – Interview transcripts

Topic: Outlook for the Tourism Sector Video Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMnm0UbMasg Speaker: Travis Gomez Video length – 14:54 mins 0.30:      How was the tourism sectors performance in 2016? Tourist arrivals close to 2.05 mn which was below government target...