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The Frontier Fitness Week

It’s been just over a year since we started our Fitness Initiative (which you can read about here). How did we do so far?

Well, in a word, meh.

Wait, let us explain…

Initially, team members were encouraged to start activities that contributed to their fitness and they did! Several team members joined gyms, took up yoga or just started walking more.

Day 2: We went Cycling/Running

But we believe that no one likes to be forced to do something they don’t want to do and when they are the results are, generally, not great.

So, we put it to the team. We asked each team member if they’d like to “opt-in” for our fitness initiative and this worked out better than expected – only one team member opted out.


Working together vs. working alone

Things were moving (get it?), just not enough – and we think we figured out why.

Yes, all team members were encouraged to start some fitness activity individually, but that takes a lot of motivation and effort. We decided to try out group activities, where the team could share each other’s motivation and get moving! (A little bit of friendly competition didn’t hurt either!)

Day 3: More Badminton!

We started small, scheduling weekly walks/runs (again, attendance was voluntary). While motivation was lacking, we figured what you won’t do for yourself, you will do for others. In that light, we asked the team to use our weekly walks as “training” for an upcoming charity run.

This worked out initially, but attendance waned after the charity run passed. We realized that walking wasn’t the kind of exciting “sport” that had people raring to go each week. So, we decided to get a few more options by calling for suggestions from the team. After too many a few anonymous internal surveys, we had a list of activities that the team would like – ranging from badminton and football to cycling and Zumba.


Day 4: Because no one wanted to take pictures at Zumba

Enter the Frontier Fitness week.

We decided to try a few of these activities, over the course of a week, during the holiday period in April. As an incentive, we decided to treat all qualifying team members to an unhealthy pizza extravaganza a dinner at the Hilton and with a walk around the Colombo Fort area. How do you qualify? Well, here were the rules:

  1. There will be 5 core activities. Team members need to attend at least 2 of these to qualify.
  2. If at least 3 team members attend all 5 (only one of us did), they would get another treat.
  3. Team members are free to organize their own activities as well.
  4. Each activity needs a minimum of 3 team members to qualify.

Overall, the fitness week was a success!

We played badminton on two days, went cycling, took yet another walk and even tried Zumba! Badminton took the cake, in terms of attendance, but cycling and Zumba were rather popular as well.

Day 5: Rounding it out with a jog!

The fitness week gave us a better understanding of the types of activities the team prefers and has really helped us plan out our future fitness activities (we’ve sprinkled in a few Badminton games amidst all the walking now – #progress).


Health is more than just exercise!

We also broadened our vision from just fitness/exercise to overall health. In that respect, we partnered up with Hemas. In case you haven’t heard, Hemas recently released an online “Wellness” platform – offering everything from medical checkups to activity tracking on one platform, with a monthly subscription. We’ve been using the said platform for a few months now and, while the activity tracking hasn’t kicked off with us, we recently concluded our first medical checkup through the platform and came away rather satisfied.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for our next update on the Frontier Fitness Initiative!


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