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What Does Frontier I Have in Common with Savile Row?

Frontier I likes to think of itself as an entity that not simply caters to clients’ informational needs, but an entity that actively strives to make client lives more efficient and productive. Think about it, smart, creative people function best when they can give their intelligence and creativity full reign. But numerous mundane, everyday tasks get in the way of this. You need to go do your laundry, go pick up your kids from school or go have lunch. Except in the case of the latter, everything else is something that you could possibly get someone else to do for you.

At Frontier I we realize that a key need that busy people in the information age need is just that, information. Obtaining this information though can be a tough thing to do. It can be like fishing in a large lake for just a specific kind of fish from among a thousand different varieties. Today there is just too much information out there, and parsing exactly what you will need from the irrelevant content out there can be time consuming and seriously interfere with your creative and thought processes.

To imagine that someone else can do this for you is also tough. Someone else can pick up your laundry, sure no problem. Someone else can pick up your kids from school. But can someone really understand exactly what you need to know about what is happening in the world at any given time? To do this that someone will need to either be constantly taking directions from you or literally be inside your head.

Well sure, it can work if one has a personal assistant, someone who understands exactly what you need because you constantly instruct them on it. But this is expensive, and unrealistic. Automated services like RSS feeds, can try to do the job, but they often lack nuance and cannot dig deep into more obscure specialized areas of interest, from sources that are non-mainstream. Information curation firms also exist, they will, for a fee, do you periodic reports on areas of interest. They are often very good. But as we’ve found after lots of looking they also can be very limited.

Most curation firms have fixed coverage universes, they have areas of specialization and rarely move beyond them. They can cover your news needs when it comes to investments you’ve made in Guatemala for instance, but will be hard pressed to throw in coverage of your interest in vintage stamp collecting at the same time.

This niche is what Frontier I’s bespoke information curation services is seeking to fill. We offer curation services to corporates that are only interested in fixed coverage universes as well, but at the higher end when it comes to clients with sophisticated informational needs we have a model that, due to its flexibility and structure, can go all out to create a highly customized personalized news curation services.

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